Firestations is an alt-pop band made up of the people Mike, Laura, Martin, Giles, Tom. They write simple songs then paint over them with drones, vocal harmonies, electronica and unusual rhythms.

The second album ‘The Year Dot’ is out now as LP and download on Lost Map Records (home of Pictish Trail, Savage Mansion, Bas Jan, Ed Dowie and loads more). The first album ‘Never Closer’ is around as well.

Some press:

“Dreamy, clean guitars, celestial percussion and hazy melodies, Firestations present that sense of worldly vulnerability in synth-driven glimpses of the sublime.” ★★★★  THE LIST

“Philosophical dream-pop, which contrasts soothing sounds with unsettled lyrics.” ★★★★  The Scotsman

“Incredibly dull and repetitive”. ★★ qmunicate magazine

“With its clinking electronics and driving rhythms, there’s a touch of retro-futurism about Receiver, like a child of the 1980’s picturing what pop music would sound like in 2018”. For The Rabbits

“Sunken, serene guitar pop”. DIY