Dream Home

Out Now!
Format: limited edition CD and DL

Dream Home is a musical diary written and recorded in two socially distanced home studios in London during the coronavirus lockdown in March and April 2020.

A response to the strange and shifting experience of isolation, it contains 11 sections inspired by the home and being in it nearly all the time - Time Runs Clean, Bright Silver Light, Collapsing Old Buildings, Isn't Always This Cold, ISS Routine, Detritus Central, Fox Noise, Fighting The Wild, Watercourse, Dream Home, Spans Decades.



“Dreamy, clean guitars, celestial percussion and hazy melodies, Firestations present that sense of worldly vulnerability in synth-driven glimpses of the sublime.” ★★★★ THE LIST

“Philosophical dream-pop, which contrasts soothing sounds with unsettled lyrics.” ★★★★ The Scotsman

“With its clinking electronics and driving rhythms, there’s a touch of retro-futurism about Receiver, like a child of the 1980’s picturing what pop music would sound like in 2018”. For The Rabbits

“Sunken, serene guitar pop”. DIY

Firestations is Mike, Laura, Martin, Giles and Tom. They write alt-pop songs then paint over them with drones, vocal harmonies, electronica and sometimes unusual rhythms.