Melted Medium EP

Release date: 5th March - Out Now!
Format: Download/CDR/LTD Edition Art Bundle

We continue our Automatic Tendencies project with the release of brand-new EP ‘Melted Medium’ on March 5th. Out Now! 

1.There's a very limited edition art collection:

- a firestations brand (tm) "Maximum Reality Matchbox" with totem pole design
- A5 "Phantom Fire" giclee print by Emma Harry (
- A5 "How To Make Phantom Fire" instructions (including QR code for bonus track download)
- a fire sticker
- coated pine cones that change the very colour of fire

2. Alternatively we have a Limited edition hand-stamped CD-R bundle in card wallet, with instructions on "How To Make Phantom Fire" and "Phantom Fire" sticker.

3. Finally it’s also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more
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“Dreamy, clean guitars, celestial percussion and hazy melodies, Firestations present that sense of worldly vulnerability in synth-driven glimpses of the sublime.” ★★★★ THE LIST

“Philosophical dream-pop, which contrasts soothing sounds with unsettled lyrics.” ★★★★ The Scotsman

“With its clinking electronics and driving rhythms, there’s a touch of retro-futurism about Receiver, like a child of the 1980’s picturing what pop music would sound like in 2018”. For The Rabbits

“Sunken, serene guitar pop”. DIY

Firestations is Mike, Laura, Martin, Giles and Tom. They write alt-pop songs then paint over them with drones, vocal harmonies, electronica and sometimes unusual rhythms.